Monday, March 31, 2008

Precious Metals

The NZ Art Guild holds Monthly Master's Challenges which challenges you to paint an interpretation of, or paint in the style of a particular artist. This month the artist was Gretchen Albrecht who is a New Zealand artist who paints very distinctive abstracts. In recent years she has used oval shapes to paint on and often utilises rectangles into her work. This is my effort inspired by her ovals and rectangles.

Acrylic on canvas 300 x 225mm

The oval shape and rectangles are all obviously inspired by Gretchen Albrecht. These rectangles symbolise the earth's resources of which are finite and at some point we will have exhausted these if we continue to operate as we do currently. The main rectangles are interlinked to demonstrate how human behaviour affects all resources as everything is inter-related. The small complete rectangle on its own symbolises that we have a choice right now to look at how we utilise the world and minimise our excessive consumption to then live in a sustainable manner.

See, I'm getting all deep and meaningful at the moment..... Lack of sleep may have something to do with it - my little girl is sick and has had a temperature all weekend. Her first temperature which is then really horrid for the parents. She's almost 7 months old and is currently asleep so once this is posted I think I'll follow suit!

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