Saturday, March 15, 2008

Piha Seascape

Today I paid my 15 year old step-son Alex to look after babies while I painted. This is the result. It's not completely finished as I've done the whole lot wet in wet and I will need to go back tomorrow when it is drier to touch up areas and put the splashes of pure white in.

I can't get a true picture in terms of colour, I think I've left it too late in the day for that so the colours you see below are not accurate and is more subtle and slightly purple-ess due to the Ultramarine Blue. Once I have completed it I will post a photo with the right colours.

And tomorrow is "my day" too so I can paint all day if I want. My husband and I have turn about days in the weekend. Today is his day and he is out on the boat wakeboarding. I have just been clever this weekend by paying Alex to be babysitter for the day!

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