Wednesday, March 26, 2008

WIP - another road

I'm working on another 2 road paintings at the moment. The other one is going to be a blue sky, white clouds with mountains in the distance. This one is an evening sky and I might put some telephone poles or something up the side of the road to add some interest.

The sky isn't finished, it probably needs one more attack and then some glazing to get the effect I want and then I will be back to the road and the sides. I love glazing with oils!

I haven't been doing much painting as it has just been Easter weekend and we have had family staying over from Australia which was really great. We did lots of family activities like going to the zoo, wakeboarding on the boat (and yes I managed to get a wakeboard this time and felt the pain in my shoulders for 3 days) and family get-togethers. There were 5 cousins hanging out, 4 of which are 2 or under so they all had lots of fun playing together. They left to go back to Australia early this morning so I'm sure my son Carter was looking for his cousin when he got up.

I also got the email confirmation that I have been accepted to put in 4 pieces for The Original Art Show which is here in Auckland in June. There is also the NZ Art Guild exhibition around that time as well and the Affordable Art Show in July. I better get painting!!!

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SkiRa said...

Hi M, this is great...I really like it. Hope your having fun doing all these new paintings. You are such an inspiration. Lv Sandra