Sunday, March 30, 2008

Forgotten Depths

This is a painting that I have done both for my study (incorporating both abstract and realism) and also for the current NZ Art Guild fortnightly theme which is Evolution and must incorporate the use of a palette knife.

This is about the evolution of land. Where we now see our city (or any city), below is the remnants of the past. The heavy texture and layers and layers of paint on the bottom half of the painting, symbolise how everything sinks within the land and all the history of the land can be found by looking in its depths. The city (and I have used the Auckland skyline as I live here and actually think it is a very attractive city skyline) is painted with the palette knife and has gaps and holes within the buildings to symbolise impermanence and that one day too (far far in the future), they too will be part of the forgotten depths of this land.

This is acrylic and lots of lots of modelling mediums for texture (the very bottom of this painting is probably 5-6mms thick with texture. The size is 500 x 500 x 35mm.
I've got a whole lot of paintings on the go at the moment so hopefully I'll get some more completed and post them up in the next few days.

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