Saturday, March 1, 2008

Spiralling Lives - an abstract for once!

Here is something completely different to what I normally do. The fortnightly theme challenge for the NZ Art Guild is Journey and must incorporate thread of some type. So I thought that I would play with some textures and mediums and I had some doming resin that I have been dying to try on an acrylic based piece.

So this is 'Spiralling Lives". The spiral is an ancient symbol of a Journey and each spiral represents our lives. The spirals are made up of a variety of threads etc from twine for when you are strong, through to cotton when you feel you are holding on by a thread through to chains for when you feel chained to something and unable to change. The spiral also demonstrates that even when we think we are going nowhere, we are still moving and what happens within our lives makes us who we are.

Here's some of the detail

So for someone that is normally a fairly representational artist, this is something different and it was so fun to do (and so very very messy). It is 500 x 250 x 53mm and includes: modelling textures, acrylic paint, liquid acrylic ink, water-soluble crayons, silver leaf, gel medium, a variety of threads, chain and a thick coat of resin over it (love love resin).

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