Thursday, August 28, 2008

Coloured Pencils - views so far

Right at this minute I am counting down the minutes until 12noon when babies go down to bed and I can paint. While I am counting down I thought that I would do a quick post with my findings on coloured pencils so far.

I initially started with a tin of Derwent Coloursoft 24's. I do like these, they are soft and chalky and I find them really good for getting intense blocks of colour. They blend nicely for skin tones and I can see how you could use a dry brush to get some other nice effects with them. So pretty happy overall with them and I think they will continue to have a place in my pencil collection.

I then tried Lyra Rembrandt Polycolour as my local art shop had a tin of 36 on special for a really good price a wee while ago. I really really like the range of colours in this tin especially in the reds and browns. I understand these are oil-based so wax bloom won't be an issue. These have a harder lead than the coloursoft and don't blend as smoothly but I find them superior when drawing details and lines as you feel you have much more control at dabbing coloured marks. So for eyes, eye lashes and anything that needs that detail, I think these are brilliant.

I also picked up a couple of Faber-Castel Polychromos but haven't used these enough to really see what they are like. I might have to put that on my christmas list.

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