Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm back and update on Tayla's portrait

I'm back from the depths of flu-ness and now it's just my babies that are still recovering. What a nasty nasty bug, it took 6 days of feeling crappy before I actually felt like doing anything, e.g. cooking dinner, making art etc. I did end up giving it to my entire family and so the babies have missed out on daycare today and yesterday and are very grumpy little people that are snotty and coughy and miserable.

However they are both also asleep right now and today has been one of those days that I was counting down the seconds until sleep time at 12noon.

I thought that I would give an update on the coloured pencil portrait I am doing of Tayla (I wish she was this happy today). Still got a way to go but I am getting there. I'm at that stage where I just want it to be finished now so I have to be very self-disciplined about not rushing the end. As I have said in previous posts, I am a starter by nature so I have to be very focused about finishing artwork. I used an entire pencil on the blue background last night and ran out so I am hoping my DH is heading past the art shop this afternoon and can pick another one up for me.

This pastel card eats pencils. It is also not as sturdy as I would like so I don't think I will use this for coloured pencil again and instead go back to the Art Spectrum colourfix paper. This Sennelier Pastel Card is great for pastels but seems a bit fragile for the amount of handling you do with coloured pencil and there are parts where the grittiness has come off and it is smooth card underneath with no tooth at all which the pencil won't stick to at all. I've had to use a fixative and then dab some pastel primer on and then colour over in parts including the scratches that my cat Lucy did.

I've got a couple of paintings in the studio part way through too at the moment but will get a bit further on before posting them. It's so nice to want to do art again after feeling so bad last week. I just want my babies to feel better now too as we have cabin fever big big time and need to get out of the house and do stuff.


Sandra T said...

Thanks for the sharing the work in progress photos of the portrait - and information about the materials - really good to see.

Melissa Muirhead said...

Thanks Sandra. It's taking a looong looong time and I am ready for it to be finished but I'm pretty happy with it as my first coloured pencil portrait. Easy medium to use around small kiddies too even though my toddler likes my artist quality pencils better than his kids ones which mean I have to keep a close eye that he isn't stealing colours that I need.
I'm enjoying seeing your life drawing on your blog too, I need to join a class for that again.