Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hanging Day

Today Sophia Elise and I hung another round of art at the Albany Garden Centre and the Pizza de Casa restaurant. I have my pieces in the restaurant for the next 8 weeks and I was also pleasantly suprised to find out that a piece I had left in the garden centre last time had sold last Friday. On that top picture you can see my final road piece called 'Hope'. I forgot to take a proper photo of it as it was the last one finished and this morning was madness getting ready, so this one will have to do.

Here are two other pieces on the walls in the restaurant. It was a grey rainy cold day in Auckland today so we were having to juggle fine patches to get art to and from cars.

I'm really glad these are now hung. I want to take a step back now and concentrate on my skills development and not worry about exhibitions for a while. I also want to try new stuff without being hung up on the outcome. I also want a couple of days with no painting at all as I have painted every spare moment for the last week or so getting these ready and I want a break.


Anonymous said...

I have just been reading about Lucy. My sister's cat Griffin was senile from about 15 till she died at 18. They found putting Griffin into bed at night, instead of letting her put herself to bed, helped stop the night yowls. And they made sure her food and water were always in the same place, and always full. In the end they kept her shut in the lounge at night with her bed, food, litter box etc - it saved their marriage I suspect! Her dh was at the "it's the cat or me" stage with all the night howling until then.

Melissa Muirhead said...

Thanks for that Cath. I've been bringing Lucy into our bed the last few nights which seems to have helped (although my sleeping suffers with her constantly changing her mind about being on or in the bed) and I think we are just going to have to keep a really close eye on her. My poor wee girl.