Thursday, August 7, 2008

Working through it and feline dementia

Last night I drugged myself up on lemsip and went into my studio to paint. Here is a better photo of Twilight Serenity (oil on linen 810 x 630mm) but I still may do some final tidying up before I sign it. I have blocked in the entire canvas for a large seascape as well and I just need to add rocks and tidy up and I am currently completely over sunset seascapes for the next wee while.

I have been reading some blogs of some incredible daily painters recently and have been getting really inspired by their small still-life daily paintings. So I set up a variety of props and fruit and veges the other night and took heaps of photos to start playing with. Last night I started this one of a wine glass with cherries on satin. Please note that this is in a very rough stage at the moment and needs heaps of refinement, I just can't wait to get back into it today and see if I can pull off painting glass. I've never tried glass before so we will see.

Also some news about my cat Lucy, who you may have seen in a painting I did of her recently. She is almost 15 and has been acting somewhat strange for a few months, crying during the night and wanting to be fed constantly and demanding of me. I thought that it was from me having babies and that she needed reassurance that she was still number one in my world. However I bought a newspaper the other day and read an article on feline dementia. And guess what two of the symptoms are? Howling at night and forgetting that they have been fed and demanding food all the time. Suddenly things made sense. Also they reckon half of all cats over the age of 15 have dementia to some degree. Lucy had also done some weird things recently like jumping on the bench (she knows she isn't allowed and never does that) and getting confused if my husband is sitting where I normally sit on the couch. So I am giving her lots of love and affection and it is now easier to deal with her demanding as I understand she is confused and not attention-seeking. My poor wee girl, I don't like her getting old.


Marimba said...

Hi Melissa - just wondering how that glass painting is coming along?

Melissa Muirhead said...

Hi Marimba, I haven't done any more of it yet. I was so busy getting the other ones ready for the exhibition that once they were finished I wanted a few days with no painting! However I am feeling like getting back into it again so hopefully will have another crack at this over the next few days.

Marimba said...

Look forward to seeing more - hey and good luck with the exhibition! I've had a couple of cracks at the glass thing(no pun seriously) but definitely going to take a few more before I'm happy, incredibly challenging task!