Monday, August 11, 2008

Getting ready for wednesday...

..when I hang four pieces at the Pizza De Casa Restaurant which is in the grounds of the Albany Garden Centre. This first one is large, 1220mm x 610mm x 40mm which will go in the main wall of the restaurant. It is called Reflected Serenity to keep the whole serenity connection with the other two similar ones.
This one is smaller 750mm x 375mm x 40mm and I just can't get the colours to photograph right, it looks completely different in real life. This is one that I reworked as I started it ages ago, thought I had finished it and then got very dis-satisfied with it. So I sanded it down and smoothed out parts and re-painted them. This is called Piha Reflections and is from a photo I took out at Piha (famous NZ surf beach) last summer.

The other two are waiting for the final finishing tonight. I've been using Liquin with my oils paints but because it is so damn cold here at the moment, they are not drying quite as quickly as they normally do. But if I finish those last details tonight then they should be ready for Wednesday.

Today was a good Monday, firstly both babies were well enough to go to daycare - YAY! Secondly when I listening to the radio in the car this morning I heard about a competition to win a spot in a day-long workshop with Sarah Laurie who is a life coach and who currently writes a monthly article in one of my favourite magazines Next. I had to email to say why I wanted to go along and I got chosen! My reason for wanting to attend was about how I balance my life with being Mummy, accounts lady for DH's business, artist and Human Resources Consultant, especially given that I really want to start taking my HR business to that next level but balancing time with my children and husband and my art. So it is a full-day workshop later this month with a fancy lunch included and a gift pack from Clarins so I am really really looking forward to that and thank you Easymix ZM!

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