Monday, September 1, 2008

Mannequin Drawing

Several months back I picked up a plastic mannequin cheap off Trade Me. I've had it sitting in my studio ever since with the idea that one day I will paint it. So over the weekend I gesso'ed it as a start and it looks pretty good all white, much nicer than the plastic skin tone.

Today I needed to get some more drawings done to send off to my tutor so I sat the mannequin in the sun in the lounge and proceeded to do several drawings of which this is one of them. It is on A3 sized paper and is conte crayon. I haven't managed to attend another life drawing class for a couple of years now so while I need to do that soon, this mannequin might keep me busy for a wee while. I wouldn't mind painting a picture of it before I actually paint it.

I am also part way through several paintings of which this skyscape is one. it is still in the very messy stages and I haven't even blocked in all the canvas but you can get the picture. Hopefully I will have some energy tonight once the munchkins are off to bed.

On a positive note, spring has arrived officially and I am damn pleased. I am completely and over winter in Auckland this year as it has rained and rained and rained and then to top it off, it rained just a bit more. It was lovely to have sun shining and blue sky and to see blossoms on the trees as you drive around. Bring it on. I'm not a winter girl at the best of times but I grew up with the Canterbury winters which are dry and cold with frosts in the morning and then crisp cold sunny days. I would much prefer that to the warmer and wetter winter we get in Auckland.

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