Friday, September 19, 2008

Charcoal portrait study

This is my third post today! I am a happy little blogger today aren't I.

I just wanted to quickly post this before I forget. It is a charcoal study I'm doing for some paintings around faces or figures. My husband thought she looked scary so I'm okay with that. I was going for something fairly direct and after he said that I thought I might put dark charcoal around all of her head to really just focus on the face. So I just see where this gets too in terms of a painting, but I am enjoying playing around with some different ideas at present.
I have also spent a productive hour or so while babies are sleeping, re-priming some canvases that I had started and wasn't happy with. I was getting frustrated with the amount of part-finished canvases I had in my studio so it feels really good to get some order and actually create finished new works from those canvases. I had some small textured acrylic pieces 6" x 6" so last night I pva'ed textured papers over them and then today have give several coats of gesso so they should be ready now to play around with.
I actually really want to start working BIG again but I have used up most of my big canvases so I am thinking about trying board and getting my lovely practical useful husband to make me up some big boxed boards. If I don't have to pay the labour costs, then it should work out significantly cheaper than if I was to buy artist quality canvases in those large large sizes.

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