Friday, September 19, 2008

NZ Vegetarian Society - Food and Lifestyle Festival

Just a quick note to say that I and several other vegetarian artists have been asked to display artwork at the Vegetarian Food and Lifestyle Festival on Sunday 28 September here in Auckland. Here is the link for more details.

I will be getting 4 pieces ready for this and hope to have a couple of new pieces completed in time.

I also need to work on a blurb about why I am a vegetarian and my art today as the NZ Vegetarian magazine is doing an article about us vegetarian artists and the NZ Art Guild. So that's all exciting and fun and I will head over to Mt Eden on the day of the Festival to have a good look around myself.

I've been a vegetarian for about 6 or 7 years now. The initial reason I became a vegetarian was that I had really high cholesterol. As I was in my mid-twenties, not over-weight and fairly active at the time, I needed to make a change to see if I could reduce it naturally. My doctor gave me a year otherwise I would be on medication for the rest of my life which I wasn't keen on. It made a difference immediately and I noticed a big increase in my health following that as well. Obviously my body just doesn't like to process meat and animal products and I found I didn't miss meat at all. Now with a greater awareness of global concerns around food production and the like, I also believe that one day our society will reach a point where it can't sustain the level of meat eaten as that restricts land and resources that can be used far more effectively for other food sources. I think that will happen in my lifetime too (my husband will suffer as he is a big carnivore).

Anyway, must go as munchkins are both in bed for their nap (although not asleep quite yet) so I will see to the cat (who is wearing a collar still after surgery and hates it with a passion) and then I will take the opportunity to go paint as I have many ideas whirling inside my mind at present and I want to express them on canvas.

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