Sunday, September 14, 2008

Black Lab Portrait - my Connor

I managed to finish this today while sitting on the stairs with the sunlight coming through the window while my lovely husband minded the toddlers. I'm really happy as to how this turned out so I will take this to a frame shop and get a mat cut for this. I need to try out different coloured mats given that it is on blue Colourfix paper. So I'm pretty pleased given this is my fourth coloured pencil piece and my first coloured pencil animal portrait.

I used a mixture of Lyra Rembrandt, Derwent Coloursoft and Prismacolor pencils. I do like Prismacolors but I still think the coloursofts are the best for good black coverage with the softer lead.

Even though I didn't have toddlers trying to get in my way this afternoon while drawing, I did have to deal with my cat Lucy. She is currently wearing a plastic collar around her head to stop her tearing out stitches and it is driving her batty. She is very grumpy and can't get comfortable so wants to share this with me. Right now she is trying to climb on my arm while I type and this afternoon she was trying to rub the collar off on my arm when I was trying to draw. As this has to stay for for at least another week and a half, I hope she starts to get used to it as it in't pleasant being woken up in the middle of the night with a plastic collar digging into my face.

But I must go because I would like to try and finish this skyscape tonight, so hopefully if I do get it finished, I will post a photo of the final version tomorrow.

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