Friday, September 26, 2008

Mackenzie - graphite portrait WIP

I have actually finished the virtual sketch date drawing but as I can't post that until tomorrow, I thought that I would post what I have been working on this afternoon - a graphite portrait of my god-daughter Mackenzie. Her mother (my oldest best-est friend) sent me this photo several months ago and it felt good to start this today. Once again I sat on the stairway with a gate between me and the munchkins and I could see them playing while I drew. There is fantastic afternoon light that comes through so it is a really nice way to spend an afternoon (except when I have to play referee with the sibling rivalry which has kicked in recently).
Obviously there is still a far bit of work to go on this, but I thought that I would post a WIP so I can now text my friend (she lives in Australia) to say "go check out my blog NOW" so she can see that I have finally started!
Tomorrow I will post my virtual sketch date finished piece - we don't watch TV but if there is a show we like we will work through the DVD of it within a week or two. Several years ago my youngest brother got us into Stargate Atlantis so last night I managed about 4 hours straight drawing while listening/watching the most recent season. We finished it at about 11pm last night at the same time I finished my drawing so that felt good to get that done well before the deadline.


Kari Gibson said...

What a beautiful, sensitive drawing - that'll be gorgeous when it is finished.

Oooh, looking forward to seeing the end result of your VSD, it looks great in the earlier post.

Heck, I better get on with mine too!

Melissa Muirhead said...

Thanks Kari - she is a gorgeous little girl. Unfortunately as we live in different countries I haven't met my god-daughter in the flesh, only talked to her on the phone. I'm enjoying working in graphite again after playing with coloured pencils recently - it takes a lot less time!