Thursday, July 31, 2008

Twilight Serenity seascape - almost finished

I managed to get some good hours painting last night and have almost finished this. The black rocks are still very wet this morning so were reflective when I took the photo so I tried to adjust the contrast in Photoshop Elements but the rest is now not quite right. I'll hopefully finish this tonight with the final tidying up and then post a better photo of the final version with all the details.
And this is where I have got to with my portrait of my wee girl. Still a long way to go. I thought that I had put it in a safe place far away from little prying (and colouring) fingers until last night when I saw my cat Lucy sitting on it. And she had been cleaning herself and scratching on it so she has actually scratched off some of the tooth on the pastel card as you can see from the white mark above. I will need to work out how I fix it as I am not sure if coloured pencil will adhere to the white card under the grittiness. I might have to get out some acrylics and colour match. I was planning on leaving the background as it was anyway so I'll have to figure something out.

I was not impressed with my cat and she didn't care one iota.

And apparently my lovely toddler Carter drew all over the walls at daycare on Tuesday too... I feel just slightly embarrassed.

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Leanne Brischetto said...

Carter's definitely a budding artist - runs in the family!! :) I have to say though, that bit made me smile. As for the naughty cat, well I know your pain! lol