Thursday, July 17, 2008

Queen Lucy in Red - WIP

I managed to do another couple of hours on this painting of Lucy last night so I thought that I would post my progress. I really enjoy painting satin and ribbons. Hopefully I might get some time today to even try and finish it.

I have really enjoyed just painting something for me and not stressing about getting stuff done for exhibitions etc. I have 5 paintings that I need to get completed in the next few weeks for this commission and also I have some going into the restaurant at the Albany Garden Center, but this has refreshed me and is a break so I'll be keen to kick back into some seascapes again after this.

This is oil on canvas 12" x 12". Lucy my cat, (who will appear in the white space) will be 15 years old this November. I have had her since I was 17 and she has been with me my entire adult life which included all the flats etc I lived in when I was younger and a big shift from Christchurch to Auckland. Lucy is getting more demanding as she gets older (and those that know her would say that she has always been demanding). I think the thing is that we have this bond and she would prefer it if there were no other animals or people that lived with us, that it was just me and her and that I stayed home to be with her. She is exceptionally patient with the munchkins though, which I didn't really expect and in fact when Carter was going through a rough phase, I really wanted her to fight back so that he learnt that he couldn't treat her like that. Incidentally it took a scratch from a cat at daycare to get him to respect cats.

Lucy is my girl and I hate the fact that she is getting older. She still looks great and doesn't have that old aged look that some cats get and is pretty healthy and active. I am so not going to cope when it is her time to go though, I absolutely dread that day.

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