Friday, July 11, 2008

Some interesting links

I do actually plan on getting some art done while the kiddies are asleep at 12noon today but currently everything is still in that "ugly" stage. So I thought that I would post some interesting links from some browsing over the last few days.

I really liked this, JK Rowling's speech to Harvard graduates about failure and imagination.

This site is great, have never come across it before and then suddenly it was mentioned in 2 blogs that I keep up with so in terms of figure references for art, Posemaniacs is a very cool site and I can see me using this in the future.

Some of the best blogs around that I read regularly are the very well-known Making a Mark which I would recommend to all artists, a Gurney Journey which is James Gurney's blog who created Dinotopia and just one more from the number of excellent blogs that appear each morning on Goggle reader for me (one of the benefits of living the other side of the world from many of these bloggers mean I have a nice read every morning while the munchkins eat their breaksfast) would be Jafabrit with her very unique art and interesting way of sharing it with the community.

I also plan on doing a massive back up on my computer today - I've been meaning to do this for months and Tina Mammoser (aka) The Cycling Artist mentioned about her mac crashing and how she only backed up recently after reading someone's blog. It's not just the business stuff, photos of art etc that I have on my computer, it is the thousands of photos of my babies that are irreplacable, so no more procrastinating, at my lunch break today (when both bosses/mini-dictators are sound asleep) I will draw, paint and back-up!

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JafaBrit's Art said...

I read Tina's computer crash story too and had the word YIKES going through my head.

Thanks for the shout out :) It is a lovely surprise on this muggy humid morning in Ohio.

luv corrine