Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Coloured pencil portrait

I really like coloured pencils. It wasn't that long ago (3 months perhaps?) that I didn't really even like drawing. I much preferred painting and I had to force myself to do drawing exercises.

I think the shift came when I stopped using charcoal for looser drawings and then used graphite for quite detailed drawings. All of a sudden I liked the outcomes I was getting and every drawing was better than the previous one.
So now I have discovered colour pencils, which not that long ago I probably thought of as something kids play with, rather than a serious artistic medium. How wrong was I and part of this discovery process is seeing some of the amazing artists that use coloured pencils on the net. And they are fun, time-consuming but fun. I have only tried two brands of pencils so far and I like them both. Derwent coloursoft and Lyra Rembrandt are the pencils and I've found that pastel card is really good for using these on. I like the tooth on the pastel card or colourfix paper and you can do layers and layers.
This wip above is yet another portrait of my darling daughter Tayla. She will be one in September and this is based on a photo I took of her a week ago. It is on Sennelier Pastel Card 240x320mm.

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Ronda Turk said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this one finished.
The great thing about pencils is you can easly take them anywhere. I havnt used them in ages, I must get mine out again!