Sunday, July 20, 2008

Reach Out - now on trade me

The auction started last night on trade me (New Zealand's version of ebay for those outside of NZ) and already there have been over 4500 views of it and bidding has started. Click here to go to the auction and check it out.

You can also buy limited edition prints of Reach Out as well as prints of the individual pieces. Click here for that.

On a personal note, my weekend of painting didn't happen. My husband is in lots of pain and is hobbling around with crutches and my wee girl has been really sick and up all night every night for the last 3 nights. So I am a very tired mummy and my husband feels terrible because he can't help, but as he can't even lift them at the moment, it has to be me. However she has started on antibiotics today and I think she is starting to feel better which is great because this week I have so much painting to do. I'm just really hoping that my son doesn't catch this from her as it is a nasty nasty bug! (and I hope I don't too)!

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