Friday, July 4, 2008

Reach Out!

Here is the official image of Reach Out. I am so proud to be involved in this project and have thoroughly enjoyed the behind the scenes side of things as well. Big thanks to my lovely husband who looked after the practical side of things and built the frame/base etc.

It is huge, 1.27m x 1.52m. 88 artists have contributed and it is made up of 90 individual artworks. You can see individual photos of all the individual artworks here. The way it worked was that each artist was provided with a small wooden panel and given the theme of "on your mind" to paint to. They could interpret the theme in any way they wished. We then combined the images to make the one artwork. None of the contributing artists knew what the image was until we unveiled it on Tuesday night.

Artists: 88 individual NZ Art Guild Artists painting 90 separate panels
Media: Wood (some artists have incorporated mixed media also)
Size: 1270 x 1520mm
Extras: Sold with hanging brackets, artist list & informational story
Designed by: Sophia Elise, Melissa Muirhead and Tanya Dann

To be listed on Trademe at 8pm Saturday 19th July - auction closes 8pm 29th July

20% of the proceeds will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation of NZ

And here is a photo after the unveiling. From left to right: Shaughan Woodcock (Chief Executive Assistant, Mental Health Foundation of NZ), Melissa Muirhead (NZ Art Guild Moderator), Sophia Elise (Manager, NZ Art Guild), Mayor Andrew Williams (Mayor of North Shore City)

There is also a limited edition print of 'Reach Out' available right now as well as the ability to order individual boxed prints of the individual pieces. For details on how to order these, please click here.

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