Monday, January 26, 2009

A snippet.....

Here is a little snippet of my painting 'Escape' which will be heading to the LIFE exhibition next week. This is just the top right hand corner and of a fairly large canvas (1000mm x 600mm x 40mm) and I hope to put the finishing touches on today when the kids are asleep. I was really happy with the sky and today I will be doing the highlights and finishing the fence posts and perhaps another glaze on the hills. I will post the whole painting once I am finished.

Yesterday I managed to have a massive painting session as my kids wouldn't go to sleep. I put them down as per normal at 12 noon (they normally chat for 10 minutes then go to sleep) but they were having far too much fun in their cots, playing with soft toys and reading books and didn't actually go to sleep until 2:45pm. They then slept for nearly 2 hours so I had a good 4.5 hours in my studio which was brilliant. The kids were happy before they fell asleep and wouldn't last the day without a sleep so I had to leave them in their room until they fell asleep.

Getting back to LIFE, the exhibition opens next week on Tuesday night at the Bruce Mason Centre with an auction to raise money for the Leukemia and Blood Foundation and 123 people will be getting their heads shaved to raise money for this fantastic foundation as well. Go here for information about the event and here to check out the profiles of the people that are getting their heads shaved (and yes there are a number of women doing this, 8 out of the 13 in fact and some of these women have incredible beautiful long hair). You can sponsor these brave souls online. I need to do that myself, the trouble is I know a number of these people so it is deciding who to sponsor which is the difficult part.

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