Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Horse Drawing - charcoal and carbon pencils on Bristol

I managed to finish this last night while we watched a DVD. I love my drawing board. It is one that can be propped up to provide an incline on any table or bench but small enough for me to sit it on my knees while on the couch.

I could have kept fussing with this but I decided to just stop there and say it is finished. Not bad I thought for my first drawing off a horse since I was about 12. I thought about including a background as I am aware it is highly focused on the left hand side but decided not to as I quite like the effect of the horse walking onto the white paper.

I used a mixture of charcoal pencils and carbon pencils on A4 bristol. I found the carbon pencils were more useful to get the darks on this paper as the charcoal seems to sit on top more and can be manipulated (or accidentally brushed in the wrong direction) whereas the carbon seems to stay put. I enjoy both types of pencils though and want to continue playing with using both.

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