Thursday, January 1, 2009

Charcoal and pastel drawing and some new year art resolutions!

This is the portrait I drew today using Charcoal pencils, a white pastel pencil and a carbon pencil with great use of the tortillion. It is on A3 Mi-Teints paper in a grey shade.

The subject is my step-son Alex who turns 16 this month. The drawing however was based on a photo I took of him sometime last year and I loved the photo so much, especially with the distinct lighting (pure coincidence as his sister was on his knee and it was just a shot of the two of them together) that I wanted to try drawing it. I thought I would try a toned paper so I could use white on it for the highlights and I'm really happy with it.

Anyway, enough of that, not on to my New Year's Art-Related Resolutions!!!!!

1. Set up my own website that I manage myself (I already have my own domain name and that is done through Artfind but you can't change the look and it has limited functionality so I would like a website that I can group different styles etc in logical ways rather than just having everything listed on just one page.)

2. Participate in at least 3 exhibitions/art fairs (have an exhibition coming up in a month so that will be one down).

3. Draw at least one portrait a week to continue to develop my drawing skills

4. Paint a minimum of 5 portraits during the year

5. Complete Stage One of the diploma I am doing at TLC

6. Participate in at least half of the fortnightly challenges for the NZ Art Guild

7. Do another life drawing class

8. Continue to learn more about photoshop

9. Have enough work in progress to replace art in the cafe every 3 months with fresh and improved work

10. Donate artwork to at least 2 charity type auctions

I think that might keep me busy!


Leanne Brischetto said...

Hey hun :)

I know a fantastic company for websites ... let me know if you want me to forward the link to you.


Melissa Muirhead said...

Thanks Leanne, won't be doing anything for a few months yet but the link would be great for when I start looking at that. xx