Saturday, January 31, 2009

Playing with pastels

Last night I pulled out this piece which I spent 5 minutes on back in December and decided to see if I could finish it. It was fun to do but I really found that I was missing colours that I needed, especially for the hair. The closest colours I had were very yellow so I do need a wider range of pastels if I am going to try portraits with them. I think I also need some warmer skin tone pastels as this looks very cool this morning. As I did it under normal lights in the lounge last night, it looked warmer then but I think that was the lights.

Looking at this now I can see some things wrong with it but as this was more for a play with pastels exercise more than anything else, I am reasonably happy with it and I won't go back and play anymore. I must admit though that I pulled out the coloured pencils for the eyes and lips. I just couldn't get the detail I wanted with the pastels for the eyes and I didn't have the right colours for the lips.

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