Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy new year and a new oil painting

I hope everyone is having a lovely day for the start of the year. I have had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon in my studio while my husband and step-son entertained the kiddies. I gesso'ed some small canvases, painted one painting and drew a drawing (which I will post later).

I am currently preparing for the swap over of paintings at Cafe Apollo which will happen in about a month. Given the economy and the fact people are tighter at the moment, I have decided to do a smaller series of seascape type paintings on smaller canvases at a lower price. This one above is the first and it is 600 x 300mm, oil on canvas. I am also using DAS canvases for this series as they are significantly cheaper than the canvases I prefer to use, especially at the moment with 50% off in New Year sales. I figure that with a reduced cost to me with a cheaper canvas I can work out an affordable price-point for these. Not entirely sure what that will be yet but I am thinking around the $120 mark. I don't want to impact on the prices of my larger works on high quality canvases so I need to do some more thinking about that.

I really enjoyed painting again today as I have been doing more drawing than painting lately. I might see if I can do another one in the next few days. The one above is called "Sunset Dreaming" and is artist quality oil on cotton duck canvas.

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