Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another portrait of Tayla - charcoal and carbon pencils

This is just a relatively quick drawing I completed this afternoon while the munchkins are sleeping (and they still are - bliss!) but I thought I would post it here as I tried a couple of new things.

Firstly, I used Bristol paper, A4 size. This is very smooth thick paper and I like the charcoal on it as it is smooth and very easy to blend. Will be using this more I think, and I think it made it quicker too. Secondly I pretty much did a few lines and smudging for the clothes and I like the effect. And thirdly I tried scanning the image rather than taking a photo and I think it may be better. What do you think?

I get so frustrated at how grey the white paper comes out on the photo whereas this seems pretty white still. But does it come through as clear? Any thoughts or hints on what settings to use with scanning would be greatly appreciated. I tried a few things and then ended up 200dpi on the 256 Greyscale. But are there better options???

Also, quite a number of artists whose blogs I read have been choosing a Word for the year and applying that to their lives. I've been thinking a lot about that and think I have my word, so will be back with more detail once I've done more thinking....


Leanne Brischetto said...

Hey :)

If you're photographing it, once you have it open in PS, click create new adjustment layer at the bottom and click on levels (doing it this way as a layer won't destroy pixels). Then use your white slider to adjust the whites. This is how I bump up my white background in photos.


Melissa Muirhead said...

Thanks for that I will give that a shot. I have so much to learn about photoshop but enjoying playing around with it.

sats said...

Beautiful sketch!

As Leanne has mentioned, in photoshop, select Image->Adjustments->Levels. Then you will see three eye droppers to set black, grey and white point. Pick the "set white point" dropper and click on the "white" background in the photo.

I do the same for all my sketches which I photograph instead of scanning. Here is one of my sketch

Melissa Muirhead said...

Thanks for that Sats and I had a look at your blog and your sketch is great. I'll be adding you to my Google Reader