Sunday, June 22, 2008

WIP - another seascape

Just giving you a quick update - I thought that I had pretty much finished this but then changed my mind so I've been doing some more work on the rocks today (which you can't tell in the photo as the paint was wet and it's all merged) and I think I still need some glazes to soften some areas too. So hopefully will put on final touches when babies are sleeping tonight.

I was listening to an interesting podcast from the cycling artist last night and she was talking about how different people are starters or finishers. She said that she was a finisher so was talking about the whole white canvas thing and how she gets over that. I think I definitely lean more towards the starter side of things. I love the white canvas and have no problem putting that first mark on it. It is when it is almost finished that I just want it over with so I can start on the next idea and I have to be very disciplined with myself to ensure that it actually is finished. Like the whole painting around the sides thing - I do paint around the sides as I go but when I am doing the tidying up, I often forget about those and then I think I've finished and then check the sides and they are as rough as guts. So I am definitely keen to get this one done as I want to do an oil portrait of my son Carter and I have the reference photo and they idea in my head and a large canvas that I can't wait to start.

Oh, incidentally this one is oil on canvas 800 x 600 x 40mm and is loosely based on a reference photo from wetcanvas (go wetcanvas). I'll check who the photographer is so that I can properly refer to them when this is finished. Wetcanvas is probably the largest art forum in the world and members post photos that are available for other artists to use for reference. Fantastic resource as especially at the moment while my babies are so little, it just isn't feasible for me to head to the beach at sunset or sunrise as they need me at those times of day. I do prefer painting my own reference photos generally, but when you can't get somewhere it is great to have this resource that you can get references off and are allowed to paint them as copyright prohibits you doing this with other photos on the net as it should be.


Leanne Brischetto said...

I'm hearing you on being a starter! That's me too. :)

Tina Mammoser said...

Glad to hear there are some starters out there. :) (and all the way in New Zealand too!)

This looks lovely, reminds me of standing stones in Scotland and must be amazing seen at its real size.

And in case anyone is trying to get to Wetcanvas at the moment there is some serious technical work being done on the servers - so the site is down for a while but definitely will be back. So I'm sure they'll appreciate our patience. :)