Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Serendipitious Serenity - completed

I think this is finally finished (after thinking that about 3 times before and then fiddling again). You will see that some of the sand areas are softened and I have fixed up the shadow to reflect the shape of the larger rock. I have also worked on the rocks more and softened the colour of the rocks further back. You can see that better in real life.

I still can't get into wetcanvas (as they have been down with server problems for several days now) so I still can't acknowledge the photographer who graciously allowed this photo to be used.

In terms of the title in case you were wondering...well serendipity is a huge thing for me and my husband. Over and over again, things tend to happen for us and our businesses, just at the very moment they need to happen and things appear at the right time. We have got to a point that we trust that this will happen (which takes a bit of stress away, especially when it is things like financing new business opportunities and properties). So for this piece, it is about finding that moment of serenity when you just need it. And personally it is the sky at sunset that speaks to me most when I think about serenity.

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