Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Caitlins Sunrise - completed

Finished this last night and I am pretty happy with it. All that is left to do is sign it, a cost of retouch varnish and then hopefully it should be dry enough to deliver to The Original Art Sale next week. I used Liquin throughout, so it should dry fairly quickly, although I am finding that now I have moved my studio to the garage and that it is winter, that paint isn't drying as quickly.

Here is a map of the Caitlins. This was taken near the Nuggets lighthouse which is M on the map below if anyone is interested. From what I understand, my great or great great grandfather (can't remember which) was the lighthouse keeper at a number of lighthouses around New Zealand, including this one. My Mum also took some photos of the lighthouse that she gave to me, so I might try that at some stage. For those outside of New Zealand, this map is of the right hand bottom of the south island.

The painting is oil, 750 x 500 x 40mm, painted around the sides so will not require framing. One interesting thing for me, was that I painted this entirely with just a small 6"x4" photo for reference. More recently I have been utilising my fantastic printer and blowing up larger prints. I actually found it good using a small photo as I was more concerned about the overall feel and the composition as a whole, rather than getting hung up on the details like I can do. Painting this flowed really well (so well in fact that yesterday, which was a public holiday, when the babies awoke from their afternoon nap, I couldn't bear to stop so instead I woke up my dear patient supportive husband who had just gone to sleep himself so he could look after them so I could keep painting).

I've also managed quite a bit more progress on Carter's latest pencil portrait so hopefully will finish that today. The said subject is in daycare today which makes it much easier to draw as he is at that exceptionally "helpful" toddler stage where he wants to mimic everything we do, and if I am drawing, he would rather help me draw on my piece or paper rather than his.

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