Thursday, April 10, 2008


....Sophia Elise (Manager of the NZ Art Guild) and I hung the next lot of paintings to be exhibited at the Albany Garden Centre and Restaurant. It was exciting for me as I have some of my pieces hanging there now. I finished one the night prior that I was really happy with but then forgot to take a photo so instead here is a photo of a similar one (in terms of the heavy texture and long thin canvas) but completely different in every other way, including colour (the one I was happy with was all Turquoises and deep blues). I'm not happy with this one and it needs something more but just not quite sure what yet.

I am also really excited because a friend of mine that I have re-gained contact with through facebook who is a very very talented photographer along with her husband, has graciously given me permission to paint one of their amazing photos that they took when they were in Christchurch a few months ago. Leanne is based in Australia now and we worked together many many years ago briefly but I love catching up with her photography through her blog and facebook page and it is amazing. If she is ever in Auckland for whatever reason, I so want to book her to take photos of my babies! Check her blog out here.

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