Friday, April 18, 2008

Some more progress...

Managed to spend a couple of hours on this last night. I was tired and grumpy and just wanted to crash on the couch thinking I couldn't be bothered painting, but then thought about how if I do just sit and do nothing, then my mood and tiredness wasn't going to improve, so I might as well paint which really does energise me and improves my mood 110%.

Still a long way to go but everything is blocked in now with the exception of the boat. Hopefully today or tomorrow I will finish the sea and then start putting in some of the houses on the hill and finish the white shed with the red roof. In the original scene, there is sand hills right at the very back and the sea doesn't meet the sky if you know what to mean. I'm not too sure if I should stay true to reality or leave that out as I kinda like the composition without that added in. I'll think some more about that in any case.

I won't be painting tonight as it is our wedding anniversary today so me and DH are going out to dinner to celebrate. We have been together almost 8 years but married 2 years ago in Rarotonga with our close friends and family there. We spent 10 days in Raro and loved every minute. Stayed at the Royale Takitumu Villa's which was superb and beautiful. I absolutely love the Cook Islands and I would hop on a plane to go to Raro again in a heartbeat. Today in Auckland it is gray and drizzling so the thought of sun, sand, snorkeling and cocktails sounds fabulous!

Our wedding was perfect, really small and relaxed with a BBQ dinner following the ceremony. We couldn't have had a better day so it is nice to remember that 2 years on. Here's a photo from the balcony of our villa in Raro taken by my friend Jo. The great thing about digital camera's is that everyone that was there sent us CDRoms with all the photos they had taken so we ended up with hundreds of photos which was fabulous.

Don't you wish you were sitting on that beach or swimming in that ocean right now? The snorkeling was fantastic as well with so many fish.

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