Friday, April 25, 2008

Hidden Lights I

Today is Anzac Day so we are having a family day. I'm just grateful to have my family around me in its entirety as we currently have my step-son here for the school holidays as well. I do feel so incredibly luck to live in New Zealand and not be at war. So my thoughts are with those that have fought for their countries and those that have lost family to war.

So anyway today we did a trip up to the Albany Garden Centre as I have some paintings there at the moment. This particular one is the one that I forgot to take a photo off before it went but I did want a photo for my records and now I have it.

It is acrylic and lots of modelling mediums and very very textured.

Totally off the topic but something really good to do, is to visit the website . This is a great website in which you get to increase your vocabulary while donating rice to the world's hungry. Every word you get correct means 20 grains of rice is donated and if you think that doesn't sound a lot, then look at the stats and you can see that each day millions of grains are donated by more and more people doing this just for a few minutes a day. Great for kids as well.

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