Thursday, November 8, 2007

Working to a deadline!

I am making progress on both paintings. I think that I have pretty much finished the tree one now. I did just the 3 trees and liked the look which was different to how I originally planned it so I have yet to come up with an appropriate title but it will be something around solitude, aloneness or something like that. I will have some little bits of tidying up to do on it but it's pretty much there. As it is oils, I can't varnish it for a number of months but I understand there is a retouching varnish or something like that, that I can use straight away so I must find out. Playing around with a new medium means that I have lots to learn again. I guess with art though, you never stop learning.

And here is the one that has a deadline attached to it. I have to have this painting delivered on Monday which means that I have 3 days to complete, ensure that it is dry and deliver it. The auction itself isn't until 19 November so I can always ask them to ensure that it is placed separately if it is a little tacky. I am using Liquin with it so hopefully it will be dry in time.

I still have to tidy up the fern leaf and the koru, complete the skin tones of the figure and do her hair, and paint in the dress. I've been a bit stuck about how to paint the dress. The auction is being run by a fashion label Obi and the artworks have to have a fashion theme so potentially I may do a black dress with perhaps some koru's incorporated and come up with a clever phrase about being a New Zealand version of the little black dress. Not entirely sure yet however so I will sleep on it tonight and hopefully have a clear idea in the morning.

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