Thursday, November 15, 2007

Back into it

I've had a few days this past week when I haven't picked up a paintbrush at all (which is quite unusual for me now as it is a bit of an addiction). However this week more mundane things called such as accounts and gst. I did get back to painting tonight however and both babies played ball by going to bed and staying asleep (bless them).

This is the next big one that I am working on. It also has a tree theme as you will see in later posts. I've only worked on the skies for the 3 panels at this stage. I'm really happy with the top sky but will probably overwork the other 2. I generally find that it takes 2 go's to get the sky right. Perhaps its having the colours and tones underneath that then give more depth to the second coat, I'm really not too sure. The colours haven't come out right as I have taken this at night but as it is work in progress, that doesn't really matter. It's oils again, I don't have a huge inclination to go back to acrylics at this stage - I'm loving the blendability (is that a word?) of oils and the colours just seem to have more depth.

I've still got a real thing for trees at present. On Sunday we went for a fairly long drive (2.5 hours each way) and I took my camera and just snapped photo after photo as we drove past. I have about 250 photos that I now need to scroll through and work out what ones are keepers and also to categorise them for when I need inspiration.

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