Monday, November 5, 2007


Well here are the 2 paintings that I am currently working on at present.
The first one is for an Art Auction in 2 weeks time to raise money for Breast Cancer Research which is a cause I wholeheartedly support so I was very pleased to be asked to participate in this. I have done the background in several layers and tonight I will start the skin tones and fern. The figure is actually lying on a fern chaise longue which hasn't been painted yet. The inspiration behind this piece is related to New Zealand fashion. Because it is a fashion label that is sponsoring this art auction, they asked that the works had a connection to fashion. As I predominantly paint contemporary landscapes, my idea was to merge a female figure into the NZ landscape with her dress reflecting the background. If that doesn't make sense, check in a few days and I should have an update for you. This is in oils.

This second one (as yet unnamed) is one that I have been playing around with for a couple of weeks. I've had a bit of a tree fetish this year and I've really enjoyed painting trees. This painting is the biggest that I have done in oils. In the past I have pretty much stuck to acrylics but after starting to use oils, they are my new love affair.

I have a few things to still do and fix on this painting. The top hills need to be tidied up and little trees added and I am still not sure if I want the sky to merge between the top panel and the side panel. It does make it a little different but I'm not convinced that it works. The bottom part is done in a thick impasto which is taking ages to dry as I forgot to add Liquim to hurry the drying process up. I'll post a picture of the finished version once it is completed.

I have also realised that there are real advantages in trying to paint while you have babies and toddlers around. Time to yourself is so precious that when you do have a chance to paint, you paint and don't fluff around about it. For years before I had children I would have little moments when I would get in the mood and I would paint but I would wait for the 'muse' to hit me before I was inclined. Now there is no waiting for any muse, rather, any 10 minutes can be used to do just a little bit more.

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