Monday, February 23, 2009

Portrait - carbon pencil and charcoal pencil

I am just having a quick break from working to post this which is done on A4 Arches HP paper and is framed and now sitting waiting for me to draw the matching one of my son so they can be couriered down to Christchurch for my Mum's birthday this Thursday. She is not consistent with logging onto the internet so I am hoping that trend will continue this week and that she won't see my blog as she doesn't know I am doing these for her.

Still haven't finished Connor and need too as there is not much left to do. I am definitely a starter and as I have drawn all the difficult interesting stuff I am not that inspired to do the finishing off and I have to be very focused to get that done.

And we are still watching LOST and are so into it. Just started season 3 last night. Our local video store has all the DVD's to rent so it is great. I don't think I could handle watching it on TV as it would move too slow for me week by week but when you watch it on DVD it is like a long long movie and I like all the unexplained stuff. I enjoy sci-fi anyway so trying to figure out what it all means is lots of fun. And I am refusing to look on the internet to find out what happens and it means I can sit and draw while watching so it's all good!

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