Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Completed portrait of Carter using carbon pencils

Here is the completed drawing of Carter to go with Tayla. The photo is terrible as the lighting is so dull today and the scan was even worse. So hopefully you get the idea anyway. I tried to follow advice about making the background white but as I use Photoshop Elements I think it is slightly different in that area with the levels so I played around a bit but couldn't work it out. I would like to get the full Photoshop at same stage as I would love to learn it properly.

And here are both drawings framed. I will be packaging these up very well and couriering them this afternoon so that they arrive at Mum's house tomorrow on her birthday.
I only did Carter's one this morning as I had a horrendous headache last night and couldn't do much let alone draw. I have cut out sugary foods and drinks (again) as since Christmas my sweet tooth addiction had been getting worse and worse. So for the last two days I have had a bad headache which starts in the afternoon and I am sure it is due to my blood sugar levels having to adjust to less sugar. I am hesitant to take panadol for it as I think my body just needs to sort itself out itself so my DH gave me a good head massage last night and I have been sculling back water. I have been addicted to Just Juice Bubbles for a few months which for people outside of NZ is 50% fruit juice and 50% lemonade and exceptionally yummy especially in the heat of summer. So that is gone and no longer in the house.

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