Saturday, February 7, 2009

More resined seascapes and the start of a black lab portrait

I am seriously having so much fun with these reduced and abstracted seascapes and resin. This is the small triptych I did - each canvas is 150 x 150 x 40mm or 6"x6". I had prepared these months ago with different types of paper collaged onto the canvas and then gesso'd over. They also have gold leaf embedded in the resin. Once again it is really really hard to take a proper photo of resined artwork so here are my best attempts.

Here they are each individually. Sorry for the glare picked up by the resin but hopefully you get the idea.
I am so enjoying these and it is such a fun break from the more realistic work I tend to do with oils. I have 3 more in process still with the turquoise but introducing my favourite Australian Gold pigment as well so once they are complete I will post them here too.

I have been full of inspiration for various seascapes and landscapes in this way and have come up with a whole pile of ideas and colours in my sketchbook. Watercolour pencils are brilliant for working this type of thing out. I'm also thinking of ways I can embed and suspend things in the resin layers.

And I also started another portrait of our beautiful black lab Connor last night. As I may have mentioned before we don't watch TV (except for the news) but if there is a series we are interested in we will watch the DVD's. I've had the first series of LOST sitting in the cupboard for months on end since I picked it up for a ridiculous price so we have started watching that. I need to keep my hands occupied when watching so I started this piece. And in terms of LOST, not sure if we will continue with it after season 1, undecided at this point as some things are annoying us but the jury will remain out until we have got further into it.
This is coloured pencil on Stonehenge and it larger than A4. Not sure what the finished size will be but it is pretty much almost the size of his head in real life.



nice work. i like it

Melissa Muirhead said...

Thanks for that. I am really enjoying this series at the moment.