Monday, February 4, 2008

Butterfly WIP

This is my current work in progress. Yesterday I bought a calendar from Borders of butterflies which was reduced to $3 from $25 and I got inspired to try and paint this particular butterfly which is an Old World swallowtail. I haven't finished, I still need to paint the flower and stalk that it is resting on and some more flowers/plants coming up from the bottom. I will be painting purple flowers as purple is the opposite of yellow on the colour wheel and I am trying to apply colour theory for impact. It is oil 300mm x 300mm (12" x 12") so just a little one.

I am hoping to kill 3 birds with one stone (isn't that a horrid saying). Firstly it will be a birthday present for my niece that turns 2 shortly as she loves butterflies. Secondly, I will submit a photo of it form my diploma as I had to do a work based around patterns and this definitely incorporates patterns. And thirdly, I even think I might be able to squeeze it in as my entry in this fortnight's theme challenge for the NZ Art Guild which is "If it fits". What fits better than a flower and a butterfly? These theme challenges are completely open for interpretation so why not.

Anyway I hope to finish this one tomorrow and I will post a photo once I do. This photo isn't the most accurate colours as I have taken it at night so the completed photo will be taken properly.

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