Monday, February 25, 2008

Cloud photos

I have a thing for skies and clouds at the moment so I was very very pleased with myself in that I took my new camera (YAY!) with me last night when I dropped my Mum off at the airport. I had to stop the car twice on the way there to capture some of the great clouds and then again on the way back. Just as well I am such a time freak and we had lots of time up our sleeves to get to the airport so that I could stop and take photos without fretting that planes would be missed.

I thought that I would put just a couple of these photos in here. One of these is already started as a pastel painting.

This is Auckland, looking out over the Manukau harbour, early evening after a crap crap weekend of rain and wind. Normally I wouldn't mind that too much as farmers need the rain but we had shouted my Mum a trip up from Christchurch for the weekend so that she could babysit, so me and my DH (dear hubby) could go out without babies, specifically going out on the boat and doing some wakeboarding - I had even bought a new wetsuit last week specifically for that. Anyway, we did manage a movie and dinner sans children, but I would have loved to have had a day out on the boat. I really want to get some photos of DH wakeboarding and also of the boat as I plan on painting the boat for my DH's office wall at some stage (he loves his boat).

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