Saturday, June 27, 2009

Creative Dreaming

For some reason I am waking up each morning with all these creative dreams swirling in my head. Not just for painting or drawing but all sorts of things. This morning I could see children's t-shirts with screen-prints on them whereas the other day it was women's skirts with layers and embellishments and all sorts. It is inspiring me to try some new things and I really really want to find a screen-printing course as I think that would be heaps of fun.

And if you ever wanted to know how to get a dog to patiently pose for 30 odd photos - hold a tiny teddy biscuit up by the lens and you get some beautiful shots.
Connor will be 8 years old this September and was not my favourite being in the world this morning, nor our cat's favourite being. Yesterday I ran out of cat food so I dragged myself out to the supermarket in the dark and in the rain last night and got a box with 12 pouches in it. Put them on a shelf in the garage about 1.2m up. This morning when Lucy (the cat) summoned the servant (me) to feed her, I found an empty box on the floor to my bemusement. Then I turned to my studio part of the garage with the carpet on the floor to find 12 foil packets of cat food ripped open and completely cleaned out of anything resembling food. So obviously my lovely dog decided he needed a midnight snack last night so decided to get nice and comfy on my carpet to tear open each individual packet to fullfil his need.
And for those of you that say dogs don't remember when they have done wrong - that is a load of crock. When the dog bounds down the stairs with you, gets to the bottom and then suddenly starts slinking and crawling - you know he's done something and has just remembered it. Normally Connor is a really well-behaved dog but when it comes to food, I think he decides the punishment is worth it. And today he is being punished by having to stay home with me and the kids while his father goes to work without him. However given my children's tendency to ensure he gets well fed with anything they don't want, it probably isn't a major punishment.

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