Saturday, November 14, 2009

WIP - figures

After all my great intentions about no longer neglecting my poor little blog, the last month has gone by in a whirl of work and everything else. I have not been feeding my soul and began to feel overwhelmed with everything that I have to do and not fulfilling my own needs. I have a bad habit of putting those things I love like reading fiction and art down on the priority list when I have a lot on. However that doesn't work. If I am not feeding my soul, I can't give what I need to all the urgency's in my life.

So yesterday I started these two figures. I have completed the under painting of the male figure and once that is dry I will glaze colour. The woman is only drawn up but I quickly did the background this morning as I want to be able to work on these concurrently.

It felt so incredibly good to paint and the hours just flew by and before I knew it 10pm was showing on my watch. I'm pretty happy with the foreshortening on the hand as I was a little nervous about that but tried to focus on tone with no acknowledgement of what I was painting and it worked.

I'll update in a few days when I make some more progress....

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