Saturday, May 17, 2008

Almost finished...just need a title and some tweaking

First off let me say that the photo isn't good - I've taken this at night which upsets the colours and is the worst time to photograph a painting, but I wanted to post my progress as I am pretty damm happy with this one.

You will remember in a previous post, I posted a photo that I took a couple of weeks ago standing on top of Mt Wellington here in Auckland that won the member's choice for the NZ Art Guild photography challenge. Well for the last couple of days I have been painting it and I'm really pleased with it. I just need a final of bit of tweaking in the morning and then it can be signed and put aside to go into The Original Art Sale here in Auckland in June. I've been accepted for 4 pieces, so this is one of them, I'll add another 2 older pieces and will do one new one.

I still need a title for this one, so any suggestions please.....

By the way, it is oil on canvas and fairly large, 800 x 600 x 40mm and I really enjoyed painting this. I so have a thing for clouds at the moment. I did another drive up the top of Mt Wellington tonight on the way to pick up Indian takeaways. The sun was setting and while the colours were pretty, I wanted more clouds! Trouble is that the sun sets early at the moment as it is winter and right in the middle of that "witching" hour that all parents know off - when you are trying to feed and bath babies just before bedtime. Unfortunately that means during the week, I just can't take off and take photos if the sky looks good, so tomorrow is Sunday so fingers crossed for a fabulous interesting clouded sunset!

I'm also feeling good today because we are finally all over the flu that we have had this week. The whole house, from Husband, to me, to toddler, to baby. Not much fun, but now I'm feeling better I feel sooo good and just appreciate feeling good.

Also when I see the news footage each night of what is happening in China in the aftermath of this horrendous earthquake, I feel silly for being concerned about a little flu when I am incredibly lucky to have my family safe with me. That's my big feeling grateful thing for today and my heart hurts for all those people that have lost their families and when I hear of parents waiting outside the ruins of their child's school hoping against hope that their child may have survived, I just want to cry. I can't imagine anything more horrible.

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