Friday, December 7, 2007

Photo of finished painting

I decided that this one was finished today so it has been signed and given a coat of re-touching varnish (which really gives a lovely effect on oil paint). It is called 'Lady Dawn' which came from Sappho (Greek woman poet/musician from about the 7th century BC).

I've started another one which is one of Rangitoto and is for a commission for a family friend. He is in a rest home so I am going to try and make it more summery colours rather than just the blues/browns that I am fond of at the moment. When I get a little further I will post a photo of that - it's not at a very interesting stage right now.

I think I do have an idea for the NZ Art Guild Awards challenge which as you may recall must include the following 4 themes; cool blue, equality, circular and stamp. It;s still working its way through my mind but hopefully I will be in a position to start that before Christmas as I really want to do a good job on it and it will take some time.

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