Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Year Intentions (and how to be challenged immediately)

During the lovely week at Maraetai which involved lots of soaking up moonlight over the ocean, walks along the beach and swimming in turquoise waters, I also spent some time working through what 2009 meant to me in terms of what I was grateful for and what lessons I learnt, as well as creating what 2010 will look like. I was so pleased to come across this which I found was a lovely gentle process of crafting my intentions about 2010.

I came home feeling all inspired and so so ready to kick into it all. I decided my word for this year would be Balance as I have some HUGE goals relating to my business but also the reason that I want to have my own business and do my own thing is so that I can have a fabulous life which also involves being an involved mother, an artist with a fantastic relationship with my husband and have time to immerse myself in all the many interesting things in life.

However, while I was so focused on my work goals and getting everything sorted for Possibility, I kind of forgot that daycare doesn't start back until 21st January and until then I have a very active, dudette 2 year old daughter (who is determined that she actually is 3) and a 3 year old son who is just as active and fun and dude-like. So for the first week back I felt more and more frustrated every day as I wasn't getting stuck in (as I couldn't), and I wasn't achieving anything (which is an important feeling for me). I stopped enjoying each day, lost all energy and only perked up in the evening when I had some time to myself again.

So early on in this week, I decided it sucked feeling that way, and the only reason I felt that way was because I was letting myself create those thoughts and stories and how about I create a new story about enjoying the last week with the kids and being the kind of mum that I want to be.

And since I made that decision, life has been much happier. I have thoroughly enjoyed the days with the kids and we are going somewhere on an adventure everyday (doesn't need much to be an adventure for a 2 and 3 year old which is so cool to see that through their eyes and is making me appreciate normal everyday things more). We have gone to Cornwall park and hugged trees and looked for fairies, we have painted and gone swimming and I am so enjoying it.

I found it so interesting that after setting an intention, I got challenged and felt so frustrated and it was only when I looked inside and realised that my intention was all about me having the time to play and explore with my munchkins while building a successful prosperous business, so this precious time before daycare starts is a gift to me.

PS The top photo is of a Pohutakawa flower I took early one morning at Maraetai and the Buddha is a new addition to my garden and I am sure I feel just a little more peaceful when I look at him.

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