Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Grisaille underpainting in oil - portrait of Tayla

It has almost been 2 weeks since I last posted! Life is busy and good and while I have been working on several resin pieces, they are waiting to be resined so not at a great stage to take photos off.

However today (while my lovely children were supposed to be asleep) I started this grisaille underpainting of Tayla so that I can have the matching pair to go with Carter's one. Actually the Tayla in question was sound asleep while I was doing this, however her brother has since woken her up and has had no sleep at all and I can currently hear the "conversations" going on in their bedroom through the baby monitor while I type this.

Here is it next to Carter's portrait so I could check size wise and composition wise that they will match. Sorry about the glare it is a beautiful sunny day today so the garage door is open so sun can stream in. As it is supposed to be Autumn and raining today, I am enjoying the sun.

I will do some more work on this underpainting before I start the glazes, I just want this initial layer to dry first. Will keep you posted.


Kay said...

Lucky children! A portrait a year?

Melissa Muirhead said...

Thanks Kay. I wouldn't be surprised if it is more than one a year. I'm really enjoying portraits and I love it when I get that knowing that I have really got the person. I find that easier with my children as I know them so well. When I have drawn other people from photos, I don't get that connection because I don't know if I have truly got them. I think my children will end up having a fairly decent record of their childhood through drawings and paintings.

Chavah Kinloch said...

Looking great Melissa! I love how talented your are with portraits. Also, as frustrating as it is when they're not sleeping when they're meant to, aren't those overheard conversations the cutest? Hehe. So sweet.